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It Is the Season for Giving

//It Is the Season for Giving

It Is the Season for Giving

The calendar has turned to December, and the Christmas season is upon us. During this season of giving, here is a giving idea to consider.

First, follow this link ( to the donation page on the HCCI website. Then, use the donate button to make a donation to HCCI. Any amount is appreciated, but you might consider making your donation in $45 denominations. Here’s why.

HCCI charges $45 for a financial counseling session. However, HCCI will never turn someone away from receiving the counseling they need because they cannot pay the fee. As a result, your donation can help HCCI be there when someone turns to us for help.  Obviously, a $45 donation will pay for one person to receive a counsel, but we would welcome you to assure two people receive counseling services with a $90 donation, or 10 people with a $450 donation. If you would rather send us a check in the mail, we would welcome your contribution. Just write “for free counseling services” in the memo line of your check.

Thank you for considering making a donation to HCCI during the holiday season. Your financial support means HCCI can help more people reach their personal housing and financial goals.

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