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HOPE (Helping Ourselves to Prosper Economically) is a Financial Coaching Program designed for working families and individuals living in Shawnee County and Jefferson County, Kansas.

The benefits of improved finances:

  • A good night’s sleep
  • Reduced stress about bill paying
  • No fear about collector phone calls
  • Having money for emergencies
  • Money for your children’s future

This program has two parts:   

  1. Comprehensive one-on-one financial counseling by a HUD-certified credit counselor, including a credit report review, personal spending plan, and action plan. 
  1. Free HOPE Coaching Program of your choice for a minimum of 6 months:
  • Volunteer Personal Coach
  • Group Coaching
  • Certified HCCI Counselor 

Why is coaching important?

A coach focuses on the person, in his or her own unique situation, rather than merely providing information. A coach serves as a guide, helping individuals access the tools and resources that will empower them to reach their goals.

HOPE Program statistics show people succeed when they work with coaches. In 2016, of the families/individuals participating in the program:

◘ 100% created a spending plan
◘ 100% paid down at least a portion of their debt
◘ 65% were able to save, many for the first time


Coach Job Description

HOPE Program Brochure



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HOPE Program participants:

 My HCCI Certified Counselor got me started with a budget and a plan to pay my debts. With lots of great support from my mentor, I not only paid bills, but I have saved $700! Thank you.” 

 “I don’t think I would be doing well at budgeting if I didn’t have the support of my mentor. The program, my mentor, and the staff of HCCI have impacted my life and finances in a positive way. Thank you!”