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Over 100 women attend 2016 Women & Money

//Over 100 women attend 2016 Women & Money

Over 100 women attend 2016 Women & Money

This marks the 8th year HCCI has offered Women & Money classes in partnership with the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (average attendance was 50 per class) and the 3rd year in partnership with the Johnson County Library (average attendance was 59).  Classes included budgeting, credit reports, borrowing, investing and wills/end of life planning.  Women attending consistently report the classes  empower them to be financially independent.  Women & Money is funded by a grant from the Kansas Securities Commissioner’s Office and by other sponsors.  For details contact HCCI.

Some comments from participants included:

  • Thank you for this wonderful, informative series. I have recommended this to my friends.
  • I am so glad I took this class. All the information was very good and necessary. I truly believe it will help me manage my money better. I was excited to come to all the classes! Every woman can gain knowledge from this class.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the five sessions I attended. I am retired but working part time. My home is paid off and I have zero debt other than my monthly utilities, food, fuel, etc. I wish that I had attended this in the 90s.
  • Thank you. This has been very helpful to me. It gives me hope and greatly lessens anxiety. I am grateful.
  • I think classes like this are VERY useful and helpful. Women need to know they can be financially independent. Education is power.
  • Thank you so much for all these classes. I’m new in this country and this help me a lot. Now I can talk with my husband about money, budgeting, banking, investing, wills.
  • Very glad I attended. Well put together and I appreciated how much this series and program helped. Thank you!


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