HCCI’s Areas of Expertise

We are here for you.
Our funding comes from a mix of client fees, corporate and government grants, private donations and fundraising campaigns and events. HCCI is an United Way Funded Partner.

Credibility is important to us. HCCI is HUD approved, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, licensed and regulated by the Office of the State Bank Commissioner in Kansas License# CSO.0000003, accredited by the Council on Accreditation, a National Foundation for Credit Counseling Member Agency, and Executive Office United States Trustee Approved.

HCCI’s Other Services

HCCI cares. HCCI receives funding from The United Way of Greater Topeka to host programs such as the HOPE program. These community programs help working individuals stabilize themselves and secure a more promising future for themselves and their families.

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Why Choose Us

  • Accredited by the Council on Accreditation, an international, independent, human service organization. Accreditation means HCCI has demonstrated it achieves high standards of ethical conduct, organizational excellence and fiscal soundness
  • An affiliate of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, our nation’s largest and longest serving nonprofit financial counseling organization which assists its members to deliver the highest-quality financial education and counseling services
  • Licensed and regulated by the Office of the State Bank Commissioner in Kansas License# CSO.0000003 and the Kansas Securities Commissioner
  • Devoted to assuring each of our counselors are qualified and passionate about providing outstanding client support services, by requiring all counselors to complete a rigorous training curriculum and participate in continuing education throughout the year

What Client’s Say

“Thanks HCCI, for helping me get my life back. Thanks for helping me contact my creditors and work out a payment plan. I actually quit opening the mail and I never answered the phone. Now I can breathe again.”
“My counseling appointment at HCCI took exactly one hour and it’s been the best hour of 2014. Thank you, HCCI.”
“They provide specific, personal, and professional help. They understand that finances effect so much more than just your pocket book and are invested in the future of Topeka.”