“I highly recommend that individuals who want to improve their housing situation, go through HCCI (Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc.) classes to learn how they can eventually position themselves for better housing opportunities, including home ownership.  They show you how to have a better housing arrangement with the money you have available to you.

TOTO, Topeka Opportunity to Own, in partnership with HCCI, would be a tier-two step to help an individual go from a renting situation to owning a home.  TOTO provides education, financing, and home rehabilitation to make home ownership possible.”

Ivan Weichert, President/CEO, Topeka Area Builders Association

Home Ownership Programs

The home buyer program educates hundreds of people every year about the types of loans and down payment assistance for future home buyers. HCCI helps people achieve the American Dream of owning their own home.

The homeownership program has educated hundreds of people each year on the availability of a number of mortgage products and grants that allow home purchase with little or no money down.  Through our services, people with no thought of ever having the opportunity to own a home, have fulfilled the American dream of home ownership.

HCCI offers the following services to assist you. Contact us at 785-234-0217 or 800-383-0217 for more information or to set up a time to meet.

Home Buyer Programs are Made Possible in Part By: