HCCI is able to assist as a representative payee for those who struggle financially with the management of their disability or retirement benefits. As background, a Representative Payee Service provides assistance to the most vulnerable members of society by serving individuals who are unable to manage their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits: the young, the elderly, the homeless and the disabled.  Work involves the management of Social Security benefits and supplementary income on behalf of an individual who has been deemed unable (or unfit) to care for themselves. As the representative payee, HCCI is expected to spend the benefits on necessities for the beneficiary and to assist the person with money management of a personal allowance.  The payee also provides a valuable service of protecting individuals served from financial abuse and victimization.

HCCI Representative Payee Services include:

  • One on one help with budgeting and management of funds.
  • Bill-paying services and other tasks deemed necessary.
  • Detailed plans allocating spending through electronic debit cards.
  • Professional record-keeping.

To apply for HCCI to become your representative payee:

  • Complete the New Payee Application
  • Complete the Payee Agreement
  • Include copy of monthly income (SSI/SSDI letter from SSA).
  • Include copy of current lease agreement.
  • Include copy of valid photo ID. 

Once completed email to Jennifer Whitt at payee@hcci-ks.org or mail them to:

ATTN: Jennifer Whitt

1195 SW Buchanan Suite 101
Topeka, KS 66604

New Payee Application

Payee Agreement

For more information about HCCI’s payee services and to find out how HCCI can assist you please contact Jennifer Whitt at 800-383-0217 ext. 315 or email at payee@hcci-ks.org.

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